Current Lab Members:

Jocelyn McDonald

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Associate Professor

B.S. Marquette University

Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Postdoctoral Fellow. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

More about Dr. McDonald: McDonald Biosketch, faculty web site, ResearchGate, Google Scholar

Research Interests: Collective cell migration, cell polarity, kinases and phosphatases in cell migration, non-muscle myosin II, tissue morphogenesis, mechanobiology, tumor invasion and metastasis

Yujun Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow

B.S. Hainan University, China

Ph.D. Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Research Interests: Serine-threonine Protein phosphatase complexes in border cells and collective migration, live imaging techniques, optogenetic tools


Nirupama Kotian

Graduate Student

B.Sc. KETs V G Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai, India

M.Sc. KETs V G Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai, India

Research Interests: Cell adhesion proteins, regulation of adhesion in collectives and tumors, applications to cancer

Luke Messer

Luke Messer

Graduate Student

B.S. University of Alabama in Huntsville

Research Interests: Regulation of Rap1 activity in collective migration, tissue-collective interactions, signaling pathways in migration

Emily Burghardt

Graduate Student

B.A. Northern Michigan University

Research Interests: Dynamic collective cell migration in a growing tissue, RNA-sequencing, genetic regulation of border cell motility


Carmen Del Real

Undergraduate Research Student, Bridges and Developing Scholars Programs

Life Sciences Major

Research Interests: Protein Phosphatase function, applications to cancer and human health

Funding: K-INBRE Semester Scholar (past, JCRC CRA)

Manuel Garcia

Undergraduate Research Student, Independent Study

Biology Major

Research Interests: Rap1 small GTPase function, applications to cancer and human health

Hannah Coggeshall

Undergraduate Research Student

Biology Major

Research Interests: Adhesion proteins in collective cell migration, applications to cancer and human health

Funding: Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Award (past, JCRC CRA)

Elijah Gardner

Summer Research Student (RiPS KS-LSAMP)

Biology Major

Research Interests: Genetic regulation of cell migration, applications to cancer and human health


Marissa Komp (KSU Undergraduate Research Student, JCRC Cancer Research Awardee, 2017-2019). Veterinary Medicine Student, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, 2019-present.

Loan Tang (KSU Undergraduate Researcher, K-INBRE Freshman Scholar, 2016-2018). Currently a consultant.

Oshadhi Athukorala Arachchige (KSU Research Technician 2017-2018) – currently a graduate student and technician in Sri Lanka.

Kevin Preuss (KSU Lab Manager 2017-2018) – currently in business school, San Antonio, TX and Program Integrator at Texas Biomedical Research Institute.

Adelina Parral (KSU Bridges/DSP student 2017-2018) – currently a graduate student at Denver University, master of international human rights program.

Ketki Sawant (CSU Graduate Student 2010-2015/KSU Postdoctoral Fellow 2016) – currently a Research Scientist at Cellf-Bio, Winston-Salem, NC.

George Aranjuez (CWRU Graduate Student 2010-2015) – currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Florida.

Ashely Burtscher (Research Technologist at Cleveland Clinic 2011-2015) – currently a Research Technologist in the Department of Cancer Biology, Cleveland Clinic.

Sushmita Mukherjee (Postdoctoral Fellow at Cleveland Clinic 2009-2011) – currently a Clinical Project Manager in the Oncology group at Quintiles, Inc.

Pralay Majumder (Postdoctoral Fellow at Cleveland Clinic 2009-2013; Visiting Scientist at KSU 2016) – currently an Assistant Professor, Presidency University

Kelly Shibuya (Medical Student, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, 2014) – currently a medical resident in Hawaii.

Lauren Knox (2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Student) – currently a medical student at Drexel University Medical School.

Heather Foy (Intern 2016) – currently working in healthcare.

Kristen Hylen (2016 summer student K-State SUROP program: from Benedictine College).

Mouktika Ayyagari (2013 Undergraduate Researcher: from Case Western Reserve University).

Joanne Berry (2013 Visiting Undergraduate Volunteer: from Ohio Northern University).

Elizabeth Kudlaty (2010-2011 Undergraduate Researcher: from Northwestern University) – currently a medical resident at Northwestern University, Department of Medicine.

Derek McCalla (2011 Undergraduate Researcher: from Oakwood University) – currently a medical resident.

Emily Lewis (2010 Undergraduate Researcher: from Ohio State University) – received M.S. in Plant Biology/Conservation from Northwestern University.

Connie Tzou (2008-2010 Undergraduate Researcher: from Case Western Reserve University) – currently a graduate student at University of Washington School of Public Health.

Nicole Molander-Barraza (2012 Undergraduate Researcher in Case Western Reserve University ACES program: from Florida International University).