K-State Fly Food Kitchen

Who we are:

  • We are a K-State Service Center, established in 2018, and housed in the Division of Biology at Kansas State University.
  • We provide high quality media (fly food), at an affordable price, for maintenance of Drosophila¬†lab strains.
  • We meet the needs of lab researchers, saving them time, effort, and money.

Our products:

  • Tray of 100 vials
    • $16.00 (internal, KSU)
    • $24.00 (external, non-KSU)
  • Tray of 25 bottles, with “flugs”
    • $19.00 (internal, KSU)
    • $29.00 (external, non-KSU)
  • Tray of 25 bottles, without “flugs”
    • $16.50 (internal, KSU)
    • $25.00 (external, non-KSU)
  • Trays of vials and bottles come sealed (“press-and-seal” or “geneseal”) or with “flugs” added to bottles (optional), and wrapped in plastic bags to preserve moisture and prevent contamination.
  • Free delivery on campus (please arrange with Dr. Jocelyn McDonald in advance).
  • Off-campus researchers, please contact Dr. Jocelyn McDonald first before ordering. We will work with you to find economical shipping prices and delivery options.
  • Order form

Custom orders:

  • We are always interested in providing new products that meet the needs of researchers on campus.
  • For example, if there is interest, we will make agar egg laying plates (grape juice or molasses) for your lab.
  • Please contact us with your wishes and needs!

Current K-State fly food kitchen staff:

  • Ms. Gabriela Beachey, production assistant
  • Dr. Jocelyn McDonald, director (jmcdona at ksu.edu)
  • Biology Business Office, billing (biologybusiness at ksu.edu), 785-532-6800