Current Lab Members:

Jocelyn McDonald

P1050212 edit4Assistant Professor

B.S. Marquette University

Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Postdoctoral Fellow. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

More about Dr. McDonald: McDonald Biosketch and faculty web site

Research Interests: Collective cell migration, cell polarity, kinases and phosphatases in cell migration, non-muscle myosin II, tissue morphogenesis, mechanobiology, tumor invasion and metastasis


Yujun “Eugene” Chen, Ph.D.

Yujun Chen

Research Associate (Postdoctoral Fellow)

B.S. Hainan University, China

Ph.D. Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Research Interests: Serine-threonine Protein phosphatases in border cells and collective migration


Nirupama Kotian

Graduate Student

B.Sc. KETs V G Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai, India

M.Sc. KETs V G Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai, India

Research Interests: Cell adhesion proteins, regulation of adhesion in collectives, applications to cancer

Luke Messer

Luke Messer

Graduate Student

B.S. University of Alabama in Huntsville

Research Interests: Regulation of Rap1 activity in collective migration, tissue-collective interactions, signaling pathways in migration

Marissa Komp

Marissa Komp

Marissa Komp

Undergraduate Research Student

Life Sciences Major, Pre-Veterinary

Research Interests: Protein Phosphatase 1 interaction screens, applications to cancer


Carmen Del Real

Undergraduate Research Student, Bridges and Developing Scholars Programs

Biochemistry Major

Research Interests: Protein Phosphatase function, applications to cancer

Manuel Garcia

Undergraduate Research Student, Independent Study

Biology Major

Research Interests: Rap1 small GTPase function, applications to cancer

Hannah Coggeshall

Undergraduate Research Intern

Biology Major

Research Interests: Adhesion proteins in collective cell migration, applications to cancer


Loan Tang (Undergraduate Researcher, K-INBRE Freshman Scholar, 2016-2018). Finishing studies at KSU, interested in public health research and studies.

Oshadhi Athukorala Arachchige (Research Technician 2017-2018) – currently on leave from graduate school, University of Kansas Medical School, Kansas City, KS

Kevin Preuss (Lab Manager 2017-2018) – currently in business school, San Antonio, TX

Ketki Sawant (Graduate Student 2010-2015/Postdoctoral Fellow 2016) – currently a Research Scientist at Cellf-Bio, Winston-Salem, NC

George Aranjuez (Graduate Student 2010-2015) – currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Florida

Ashely Burtscher (Research Technologist 2011-2015) – currently a Research Technologist in the Department of Cancer Biology, Cleveland Clinic

Sushmita Mukherjee (Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2011) – currently a Clinical Project Manager in the Oncology group at Quintiles, Inc.

Pralay Majumder (Postdoctoral Fellow at Cleveland Clinic 2009-2013; Visiting Scientist at KSU 2016) – currently an Assistant Professor, Presidency University

Kelly Shibuya (Medical Student 2014) – currently a fourth-year medical student in the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Adelina Parral (Bridges/DSP student 2017-2018) – currently doing research in science outreach at K-State

Carmen Del Real (RiPS Kansas Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Program – Summer 2017) – currently a student at Dodge City Community College

Lauren Knox (2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Student) – currently taking classes in preparation for Medical School applications

Heather Foy (Intern 2016) – currently working in healthcare

Kristen Hylen (2016 summer student K-State SUROP program: from Benedictine College)

Mouktika Ayyagari (2013 Undergraduate Researcher: from Case Western Reserve University)

Joanne Berry (2013 Visiting Undergraduate Volunteer: from Ohio Northern University) – currently a research technician at Children’s Hospital Boston & Harvard Medical School (Carla Kim Lab)

Elizabeth Kudlaty (2010-2011 Undergraduate Researcher: from Northwestern University) – currently a medical student at Ohio State University

Derek McCalla (2011 Undergraduate Researcher: from Oakwood University) – currently a medical student at Loma Linda University

Emily Lewis (2010 Undergraduate Researcher: from Ohio State University) – received M.S. in Plant Biology/Conservation from Northwestern University

Connie Tzou (2008-2010 Undergraduate Researcher: from Case Western Reserve University) – currently a graduate student at University of Washington School of Public Health

Nicole Molander-Barraza (2012 Undergraduate Researcher in Case Western Reserve University ACES program: from Florida International University)